September 1-22 Summer to Autumn in Saugatuck


It was a real treat for us to stay later in Saugatuck.  Our normal routine had us leaving right after Labor Day.  We enjoyed several more fun cocktail/dinner cruises aboard Tally-Ho with friends, house guests & relatives.  We also had several benefit functions aboard that we donated to our local community.  We enjoyed a Macatawa Bay Boat Works cruise for our good friend Jon with all of his employees & a rocking party for 35 friends to kick off Labor Day weekend with our friends and houseguests Judith from Los Angeles & Mark from Chicago.  We were also able to host a Van Wieren dinner cruise for several of Alan’s neices & nephews, including Jan & Paul, Chris, Barb & Jackie & Larry.  All in all it was a gorgeous ending to a wonderful summer in Saugatuck-our summer home and favoite summer spot for over 10 years…

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