November 2-7 Cruising the Blackhawk Tenn-Tom Waterway to Mobile


Our first stop was Pickensville, AL where we borrowed the courtesy car at the marina to check out the energy in Carrollton & Aliceville as well.  Not so much!  We did enjoy the visitor’s center for the Tombigbee Waterway.  The following day we passed amazing white granite cliffs lining the side of the waterway & that night we anchored out & enjoyed the solitude of a beautiful cove near Demopolis, AL.  The next night we stayed at Bobbie’s Fish Camp, a perfect example of a river fishing camp in southern Alabama.  We had dinner at the “lodge” & enjoyed their specialty-fried catfish & hush puppies!  The next day we cruised on to Mobile & experienced our final lock for the Great Loop which also had a spectacular spillway.  60 locks in all!  Whew!!  Cruising under the “Dolly Parton Bridge” was a treat.  We had our longest run of the trip (12 hours), arrived after dark & stayed on the south side of the city in the beautiful Dog River.  Mobile proved to be a pleasant surprise.  Very cool downtown, a mini version of New Orleans.  It’s Mardi Gras celebration predates New Orleans by over 100 years.  We spent a half day at Bellingrath Gardens, a must see for anyone visiting Mobile.  We had lunch downtown one day & met 2 great guys, Criss & David, who later had a tour of Tally-Ho & dinner with us.   

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