June 10-13 Troy, NY to Oswego, NY, 33 locks on the Erie Canal


We spent the afternoon in Troy readying Tally-Ho by taking the mast & bimini top down to get her overall height under 20′ to accomodate the low bridges on the Erie Canal.  Early the next morning we enountered our first lock.  After that the canal split with the north route going to Lake Champlain & west (our route) going to Lake Ontario.  Our Captain, Steve, was very apprehensive about the low clearance, even after 4 measurings.  As it turned out, we had a couple feet to spare.  Interesting things along the canal, including a volkswagen bug on top of a smoke stack along with the usual array of odd houses, etc.  Dylan & Dugan got used to the locks going up during the 1st half & coming down the last half.  Quite an engineering feat with no 2 alike.  It was an amazing experience.  Toward the end the canal split again with us taking the Oswego canal to Lake Ontario & the Erie Canal continuing to Buffalo.  Even though our crew was very efficient it took all 4 of us at times to “lock-through”.  We put the boat back together in Oswego, right on the shores of Lake Ontario, with a beautiful historic lighthouse on the harbor point.  Tomorrow we start our 2 day run to Toronto, Canada.

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