June 14-20 From Rochester, NY to Toronto, Ontario


We had a great sense of accomplishment as we left the Erie & Oswego Canals behind us and did an overnight in Rochester, NY with it’s great lighthouses.  We cruised across Lake Ontario to Toronto, one of our favorite cities.  While our Captain & 1st Mate left for his high school reunion in Iowa we enjoyed our time alone, docked right on the restored harbor front.  The Rogers Center & CN tower, once the tallest building in the world, lay just to our north & the entire inner harbor & boating activity to our south.  We had 2 old friends, Rick & John, on board for drinks followed by dinner at their favorite restaurant & a private party for a friend’s celebration in the heart of the nightlife district.  We enjoyed museums, shopping, long walks with Dylan & Dugan, the beaches & great sightseeing.  Tomorrow we leave for Niagara-On-The-Lake, Niagara Falls & the Welland Canal.

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